StageFree Composers

StageFree has performed the work of the following Washington, DC region composers. Click on their names to link to their websites for more information.


Armando Boyolo (b. 1973)

Tusch (2010)

Michael Cantor Ceurvorst (b. 1986)

Song for Flute (2009)

Dominic Ellis

Conoce la diligencia con que se acerca la muerte, y procura conocer también la conveniencia de su venida, y aprovecharse de ese conocimiento (2018)(StageFree Commission)

Michael Fili (b. 1987)

Three Shakespeare Sonnets (2011) 

Teddy Niedermaier (b. 1983)

Oboe Sonata (2014)

Michael Oberhauser

"In the Hallway" from A Fire in Water (2014)

Charles Perryman (b. 1984)

Miniatures for Banjo and Cello (2017)(premiere)

Sam Post

Tango Toccata (2018)(premiere)

Matthew Arling Samson (b. 1988)

Seven Études for Seaboard RISE (2015)

"The Shepherd's Warning" from Isle of Gold (2018)(premiere)

Lizzie Tyree (b. 1983)

There Will Come Soft Rains (2017)(premiere)